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Facts About Dust Mites And Your Home Furnishings

Dust mites have been known as an enemy of the household also known as more studies on how they affect our health. There have been many products have been introduced in the market which was allegedly able to reduce or completely eliminate the mites creature of furniture/furnishing us. Although many publications and reports Dust Mites, not surprising for many people to mistake Bed Bug for Dust Mites, understand where their hideout and what they can cause damage to our health. For more details, below are some simple facts about Dust Mites and suggestions how to get rid of bed bugs permanently;

It helps us to know in advance the facts about dust mites;

1. They can not be seen with the eyes

Dust mites are microscopic eight-legged insects, about 0.5mm long for adult size large. we can not see it clearly without a microscope. If you see a small insect that walks on the mattress, chances are it is not the dust mites!

2. They do not bite!

Dust mites do not suck our blood and bite our skin. They feed on dead skin flakes us. So, they do not bite. Unless your room’s windows were never opened and the air conditioner turned on 24 hours each day, there will be occasions where the tiny insects from the outside into the room and bite you when you sleep.

3. They can cause allergic reactions

Dust mites feces and dirt contains certain proteins that normally trigger an allergic reaction only when we breathe in air that contains impurities them so usually the symptoms are the itchy nose, headache, and itchy eyes.

4. You sleep with millions of dust mites

Queen sized beds are usually able to put 2 million dust mites, it looks like the mattress provide the best living conditions for small creatures. To grow, their favorite diet mainly shed skin flakes and possibly spores of the fungus. They thrive in warm and humid environments. When their preferred diet and living conditions are combined, our mattress according to the needs of their ideal home! Besides mattresses, dust mites can be found in carpets, upholstery and soft toys.

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