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The reasons of why the water damage hasn’t been handled by the world government

We all know if every government around the world are working together to fix the global water damage, this problem can be solved quickly. However, there are a lot of reasons of why many governments of many countries around the world have moved so slow to take care of this environment issue. Although the small scale water damage can be repaired easily by the service of a water damage company, just like the H2O-R, the global scale water damage requires the whole humanity hard work and attention to be solved.

Here are the possible reasons of why the world government hasn’t handled the water damage issue yet.

1. There are still a lot of disunity and corruptions among us

When the presidents from around the world are referencing about the mankind, they will talk about “we and them”. Those country leaders are never considering the whole humanity as “us”. There are still a lot of politics and dirty businesses that the dirty politicians can run, as a long as the environmental problems, just like the global water damage hasn’t been solved. It’s a cold sad truth about our humanity these days.

2. It requires tremendous amount of workforce and money

It’s true that fixing the global water damage is beyond important, it’s so important that some scientist has warned our government for years. Unfortunately, fixing the world-scale water damage is easier to be said than done, due to such a gargantuan scale of problems need a lot of people to fix it, a lot of money, countless resources, and they all need to be perfectly organized as well.

3. War

War is one of the ugliest tragedy that can be created by the humanity. If a country which is in a war with its neighboring country, then if the enemy country is having a severe water damage problem, then the opposing country will block any help that comes from the outside world, in order to let the enemy country to suffer as much damage as possible.

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