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Why Skateboard and Longboard Wheels Created Differently?

Skateboard and longboard both are similar, equally composed of a board with wheels on the bottom. Equally moved by using the skills of the feet and balance the body. But it is not just the name alone is different, functions and differences in any form there own meaning. One striking difference between the skateboard and longboard apart from its size is at the wheel. If you notice, the wheels on a longboard are greater than the skateboard wheels. This larger wheel is not to make you more fierce, but there own use. For those of you who want to look for beginner longboard, you can visit our website and find longboard accordance with your wishes and needs.

Here are the reasons why the wheels on a skateboard and longboard different:

If you often tough American films where a lot of students who drove to school by sledge, it is a longboard. Longboard is a combination between a skateboard and surfing board with stability and better speed compared to skateboard. Typically, the length of a longboard can reach 90-150 cm and more widely used to explore the city streets or sidewalks. Longboard is also more suitable for the ramp down and used as a means of transportation because he needed a wheel more stable and robust so that it can glide faster. Not only used for every day anyway, there is competitions longboard called the slalom or racing down the hill (downhill) by using a longboard.

Longboarding is related to a different pattern of injuries compared to is skateboarding. Many longboarding injuries are suffered while declining, while few skateboarding crashes take place while declining. Longboarding injuries tend to include the head as well as neck areas more than injuries that you get when skateboarding, which is more probable to include a skater’s reduced extremities. Helmets, padding, and also perhaps friendly or parental supervision are extremely suggested or imposed by law.

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