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10 Unique Facts to Know about Pizza

Pizza has been one of the most popular foods in the world nowadays and there must be some reasons behind it. The first is probably because there have been a lot of restaurants serving pizza like the smoky mountain pizza which is located in American Legion Boulevard, Idaho. Another one could be because this food has been a popular object to be made as memes on the internet. If you are one of them who love going to pizza restaurants to eat your favorite pizza or those who like making memes about pizza, then you must also know these 10 unique facts about pizza. They are as follows:

1. The word “Pizza” was first documented in the Italian city, Gaeta, in the year 997 AD
2. The ancestors of the modern form of flatbread pizza is a simple bread which is known as focaccia in Italy, a kind of bread sprinkled with different toppings.
3. The food was similar to pizza can be traced back to the period of the Young Stone Age.
4. Pizza is initially a sweet dish, not savory dish like now.
5. Many of the historical record shows that people have added different ingredients to the bread to make it more tasteful.
6. Most of us never thought that the pizza was originally a dish for the poor that are sold on the streets and not food for the people upscale.
7. In the 18th century the poor in the area around Naples, Italy, used to add to the tomato flatbread made from yeast, and it became the origin of modern pizza.
8. Pizza today is characterized by soft flatbread topped with tomatoes and cheese.
9. The pizza was introduced to the United States after the arrival of Italian immigrants in the 19th century.
10. The very first restaurant for pizza to ever be opened in the United States was owned by a man called Vincent Bruno in Chicago, in 1903.

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