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Nose Creates Harmony In The Face

A nose has created in the middle of the face so that it becomes the object of attention that is typical when dealing visible face. Besides God created it in the form of the stand so that it becomes the object of attention that is typical when seen from the side face. With the advantages, a nose shape greatly affects the appearance and beauty of a person’s face. Nose shape is distinctive identity; there are several nationalities/races have distinctive nose shape and vary with race / other races. Among individuals in one nation/race, there will always be variations in the shape and size of the nose. Because of the shape and size look beautiful for others has not necessarily equally beautiful to others. Lovely nose is not a sharp nose, or nose upturned, or back of the nose angled ramps, or bare nose width. Gorgeous nose is a nose that creates a good harmony with its owner’s face. That is why many people choose to have a Nose Surgery to enhance their appearance.

There are some things that guide their good harmony between the nose with an overall face. Aquiline nose is a nose that has high peaks, and automatically the ridge width of the nose may also become narrower. A nose that less sharp generally has a wide range between 2 nostrils as well as the ridge width of the nose slightly larger than the long nose, which often creates the impression of distance between the eyes as if distant, strange, and for some clients present with a face that looked less intelligent. Operating procedures to perform a re-enactment of shapes and sizes the nose in order to achieve aesthetic harmony with the surrounding structures called rhinoplasty procedure. It is really important to get a nose surgery if you have a problem with confidence regarding the shape of your nose.

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